Fun Things To Do – Shrine of Mary

Shrine of Mary Overview:

This is truly a must see place.  The beauty of the outdoors area, the lovely walk around the site with the Shrine of Mary, fountains, pond and the Mothers’ Wall of Life.  During the summer, there are outdoor masses in this beautiful garden area.  It is truly a beautiful and peaceful place.

How do I plan this visit?

To start, spend a few minutes reading their website. It has lots of details and information about the National Shrine of Mary and St. Patrick Catholic Church. Next, pick a nice morning or afternoon and visit the Shrine. I suggest going on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowds, but going for mass and exploring is also a great option. You can walk around and enjoy the Shrine in a short amount of time. The length of your stay depends on how much you want to experience the power, beauty, and tranquility of the place. From Lake Breeze Resort, it’s only about a 20-minute drive north on Highway 5. On your way back, you can stop in Laurie and have lunch or a casual dinner at one of the fun restaurants. If you’re Catholic, they have lovely outdoor masses in a nice seating area during the summer. You can find the mass schedule on their website.


Admission:  Free