Fun Things To Do – Ashole Cigar Bar & Lounge

ashole cigar bar

     Not far from Lake Breeze Resort, is a fun cigar and bourbon bar (with food!) called Ashole Cigar & Lounge (pronounced Ash-hole).  Its a concept the owners brought from Boston where bourbon and cigar enthusiast enjoy their own bar and lounge.  The lounge area has a large bar, fully-stocked humidor with cigars, cigar accessories and other merchandise.  An outdoor area has a big screen TV, space for live entertainment and various yard games set out.  The bartenders offer a selection of bourbons as well as scotches, whiskeys, tequila, vodka, cordials, wine and beer.  Non-alcoholic options too!  Appetizers, burgers, paninis and pizza make up the food menu.  

     The owners, The Sordillos have been in the gun business together for 24 years and started Camdenton Firearms in 2012.  Ashole was an opportunity to diversify their business as well as a place for people to gather.  “It’s a relaxed atmosphere. If you smoke cigars great, if not that’s fine too. Come get a bite to eat or drink.”

     Stop buy and get an Ashold-fashion.

Ashole Cigar Bar and Whiskey Lounge   Facebook:


652 Mo-7 Camdenton, Mo 65020 

(South on MO5 to 7 from Lake Breeze)

Open 3-10 W, Th, F, Sat