Storage: Boats, Trailers, Campers, etc.

Lake Breeze Resort & Lake Breeze Storage

Lake Breeze Resort includes short-term boat and trailer parking bundled with boat slip rental for a nominal daily fee for all lodging guests.   Additionally, each unit includes 1 parking space with an option for additional space upon request. 

For non-guests, we offer trailer parking “up-top” by The Terrace for $20 per week (from 1 to 7 days).

For longer term, we have a small facility down the road called Lake Breeze Storage with both indoor storage units and outdoor parking starting at $20 per month.

Lake Breeze Storage has it own website but all calls are handling at the same number 573-873-5343..

Lake Breeze 

Each lodging unit has 1 parking space for vehicles.   (Parking at the Lake is always tight!).  We do have some extra parking spots available to be assigned and we have overflow parking up top by The Terrace.  
If you have more than one vehicle, please contact us in advance so we can plan out a

Lake Breeze Storage Website

Lake Breeze Storage is affiliated with Lake Breeze Resort and Terrace.   This is an additional location to the resort to storeboats, trailers, campers and large equipment for a nominal fee.   In 2019, we are in the process of growing with additional outdoor parking spaces, space numbers, and a security fence
Lodging guests that bring a boat will be charged a very reasonable boat-access fee which includes the ramp, trailer parking, and boat slip.  If a guest wants to bring a boat without using the slip or the ramp, the fee is the same.  If a guest does not want to pay the fee, they can