Fun Things To Do – Daily Walk

Fun Things To Do – Daily Walk

Lake Breeze Resort Simple Walk

     This walk is just 1 mile around the lake roads total.  But, it has a nice very steep hill towards the end before returning to the Lake Breeze Resort.   There is an additional leg (down and back up Whispering Cove) to add another .25 mile to your walk.  

     I like to start off heading down to the lake and walking under the bridge thus connecting to Lantern Ln.  This is a beautiful walk with lake view.  You can then take either the upper Curvy Rd or lower Curvy Rd as they both go to the same place.  The lower road has a little bit more walking and adds more to the intense uphill.  Get ready to pull together some strength because the uphill is next.  The uphill on View Drive is quite steep but really good.  It is a hard uphill walk but I love it because as I make it to the top the rest is a slow decline all the way to the resort.  Don’t forget you can add a left off of View Drive onto Whispering Cove for another quick downhill and uphill.  Then back to Old Route 5 and head to the resort.

     This is a great walk in the early morning.  You’ll see plenty of people walking in this area too!

Lake Breeze Resort

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