All Resort Policies – Listed

Lake Breeze Resort has a few important policies as well as miscellaneous tidbits of information that all visitors will want to read through to assure that Lake Breeze Resort is the right place for you.  Highlights:

  • No Smoking/Vaping in Cabins or other indoor facilities. Outdoor area provided.  A fee of $300 will be charged for those that break the policy.  (This includes standing at open door so as smoke go into unit.)
  • No Pets.
  • No Fishing to the general public.  Only guests are allowed to fish at Lake Breeze Resort.
  • All cancellations are charged 20% of total if made within the calendar year of reservation up to the full deposit.  The full deposit is only charged if cancellation is 30 days for less.  (Deposit is first night’ s stay plus taxes)

Lake Breeze Policies:  (1) No Smoking/Vaping & No Pets in cabins and rooms. If policy broken a $300 fine will be imposed and a unreimbursed, immediate departure will be mandatory. (2) There are no refunds for early departure. Units are not transferable or sublet. (3) Please share with other guests in your cabin that we are on septic, please only flush provided TP. Service calls resulting in the flushing of other items will be charged to the room. (4) Lake Breeze management reserves the right to refuse services to anyone. (5) As the registered guest, you agree to be responsible for any and all damages that may be incurred to any Lake Breeze Resort property such as to the rented units, rented watercrafts, or shared facilities and equipment used by yourself or any member of your party. In addition, you agree that Lake Breeze Resort is not responsible for any theft or damages that may occur to any guests’ automobiles, boats, trailers, and personal property during your stay.

Cancellation Policy & Deposit: A deposit of the first night stay (plus tax) is required to make a reservation. If staying 7+ day or more a deposit of $200. All cancellations or modifications are charged a 20% fee (of the total) up to the full deposit if cancellation is made within the calendar year of reservation. The remainder of the deposit is refundable if the cancellation is made more than 14 days from check-in OR more than 30 days prior from check-in for the cancellation of a group reservation (3 or more units). We do not accept reservation cancellations via email. Please use the method that you use to book your reservation to also cancel it, i.e., if you booked online, go back to the reservation system with your confirmation number to cancel. If your reservation is not properly cancelled, a no show fee of one night’s stay will be charged.

Boat Cancellation Policy & Deposit : A deposit of $100 is required for all motorboats to make a boat rental reservation. All cancellations or modifications are charged 20% of the total price up to the amount of the deposit. If the weather is inclement, the deposit will be returned but both parties must agree on what defines inclement weather on the day of the rental. No refunds on early returns.

No Public Fishing or Day-use Fishing: Because we honor our guests and their desire to come to a private resort to stay and fish, we do not allow any public fishing or day fishing for a fee. Thank you for your understanding.