Fun Things To Do – Rent Boats, Kayaks & more

Non Motor Boat Rental

Part of vacationing at The Lake is floating!   It is truly the most enjoyable aspect of  a lake getaway.   With the water temperatures in the 80s, it is second nature to  grab a paddle and enjoy the peaceful morning shoreline OR rent a pontoon and ‘cove-out’ on your way to dinner on the lake.    My favorite is the fun of negotiating a lake tube with a beer and good friends.   Lots of laughs.  

Whatever your fancy and whenever you’re ready, we have plenty of options for rentals at Lake Breeze.  We rent by the hour, 4-hour, 8-hour and all-day increments. 

Lake Breeze Resort offers the below items for rent.   Renters can rent the same day, book ahead (online) or call to reserve.  


  • Fishing Boats
  • Pontoons
  • Lake Tube
  • Chill Raft
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Boards
  • HydroBikes
  • Canoe

If you are looking for larger, more powerful boats OR jet skis, here are a couple of places that offer great service.  

Montego Bay (573-348-4911) & Pirate’s Point (573-374-1260)