Fun Things To Do-Concerts @ Ozarks Amphitheater

ozark amphitheater front view photo

     At Lake of the Ozarks there are a million fun things to do, and at top of the list is to head to Ozark Amphitheater for a concert or comedy show. The place is excellent for outdoor fun. The sun sets over the back of the amphitheater, the sound is fantastic, stage visibility is good from every seat not to mention the large TV screen for up close views. On top of all the benefits, it seems like they are always having a great show there.  They host several outdoor concerts throughout the spring, summer, and fall months.   We have already been to a few and thoroughly enjoyed bee-bopping or rocking-out or sometimes just relaxing to the music as the sun sets.   

     The amphitheater has an amazing outdoor stage with seating up to 10,000 people.  It is a wonderful place with a rich history bringing music to the Ozarks for over 25 years.  Check out the website for tickets and concert events.  A special recommendation:  My favorite thing to do is get a ticket in the 2nd tier, find a seat that is away from most and stand up to dance and sing to the live bands. It is a great way to bust out and have fun!

     Additional great news is that the Ozarks Amphitheater is right down the road from us.  How lucky can we be!?!   Lake Breeze Resort is a few minutes down Old Route 5 and offers round trip rides from your unit to the entrance for a nominal fee. Lake Breeze does require a 2-night stay during the weekend and a single night during the week.   At Lake Breeze Resort, we will drop you off and pick you up for a $20/per person round trip fee.

     Also, little known secret is that you can travel just 5 min down the road to Bridal Cave and purchase your tickets directly  This will avoid all additional add-on sales services.

       Some of the 2024 events:  (This is just the start.  There will be many more announced this year.)

Some Ozark Amphitheater's Events