This place is the best!   

Minutes away from us and the kewlest of kewl places to see.  My son and I often spent many afternoons touring the Bridal Cave and in particular to check out the gift shop.   The tour, I believe, leaves every 20 to 30 minutes and are about 45 to 1 hour long.   The guides have all been very good, fun, and knowledgeable.   This place is one of my favorites.  You know why?  Aside from the fact that my son and I both enjoy all things ‘rock’, they have a pretty cute gift shop.   I just recently ran down there to purchase a gem ‘money tree’ as a gift for a friend opening a new business.   This is a great thing to do on a hot afternoon or even a rainy day. 

There is also interesting local folklore of legendary Native American wedding ceremonies held in the cave in the early 1800s and they still offer nuptials today.

Now they have the Thunder Mountain Park Facilities which offer a gift shop, lakeside viewing decks, nature trails, picnic areas, public boat dock, a (very high) observation tower, snack center and a unique rock and mineral shop specializing in rocks, minerals, gemstones and education  materials for rock people.