Planning A 

family reunion

     Every year we host several family reunions here at Lake Breeze.  We have those families that return year after year and others that come once every couple of years.   What a blast! The families soon become old friends as we watch their kids grow and enjoy being a part of their family reunions.   Typically, the families often fill the resort and The Resort quickly becomes ‘their’ place during the reunion. The pool, the lake front, the swim docks are full with kids running amuck, swimmers, music, games and grilling at sunset.  Everyone goes home happy, well-tanned and well-rested!

Call us to help organize your units to each family.  We also offer a group planner for those that would like some assistance coordinating.   For now (until I can figure out how to add it to this website), give us a quick email and we can forward it to you